FreeFrom Eating Out Awards

Judges 2018

Judges for the FreeFrom Eating Out Awards include allergy sufferers, coeliacs and food professionals who work with freefrom food and those who choose to eat it.
For the judging protocols see here.

Alexa Baracacia – Yes No Bananas
An-Ju Lin – mother of multi allergic children
Becky Excell – GlutenFreeCuppaTea
Ben Richardson – ForEverFreeFrom
Carly Braddock – Coeliac Activist
Caroline Benjamin – FATC
Catherine Rose – Catherine Rose Consulting
Christine Bailey – nutritionist, Advanced Nutrition
Deb Bailey Knibbs – Labyrinth Holistic Café
Emma Amoscato – FreeFrom Farmhouse
Emma Hutchinson – Love FreeFrom
Fiona Wilcock – Tasty Nutrition
Gemma Ortega Perez
Hailey Phillips – Allergy Adventures
Jackie Mitchell – Eating Out with Food Allergies
Jane McEwan – Jane McEwan Nutrition
Jayne Eckett – Salisbury Pubs
Jenny Tschiesche – LunchBoxDoctor
Julia Marriott – Alimentary Bites
Julia Reid – StoneCroft Guest House
Karen Woodford – Safer Eating
Liz Allan – Liz Allan Allergy
Lucy Nixon – FreeFrom
Nathalie Newman – The Intolerant Gourmand
Nina Modak – Eat Allergy Safe
Paul Degnan – GlutenFreePSD
Rachel Burkinshaw – 7 Years to Diagnosis
Ruth Holroyd – What Allergy?
Sarah Pinkus – Copper Confetti
Sarah Wren – Oscar & Bentley's
Sian Drew – Gluten Free Mrs D
Sue Cane – coeliac and gluten-free beer consultant
Susanna Booth – Wide Circle Cooking
Vicky Montague – FreeFrom Fairy


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