Cyber Italia – University of Winchester

Sparkford Road, Winchester, SO22 4NR

Silver-gilt Winner 2017
Independent & Pub Restaurants – Sponsored by the Anaphylaxis Campaign

Judges comments - September 2018

'Cyber Italia offers a good range of pizzas - gluten-bases have milk powder in, but the gluten-free bases do not, and are vegan, which is a nice way of making life easy - however when I asked about being dairy-free one lady said 'well they're vegan so of course they're dairy-free' to which I replied (knowing this didn't mean so at all) "yes, but what about cross contamination?" She reassured me that they have a separate area for the prep etc of gf pizzas.'

We had very good standard pizzas, a nice base, slightly squeaky so must have had some cassava/tapioca element. We had two - a margherita and a pulled pork - which were both tasty, hot and filling. The cheese did get very stuck to our teeth but that is sort of to be expected!

They also offered milkshakes with four different types of milk including coconut, soya and oat milk - with about 15 different flavours eg banana, raspberry, gingerbread, chocolate, vanilla etc.

It is a student cafe not a gourmet restaurant so I wasn't expecting it to be super-duper, what is does offer is good. I also felt like a normal customer which is sort of good, but personally I'd have liked them to be slightly more allergen rather than just vegan aware. Although their staff were knowledgeable and keen, they just needed to add an extra element of care and allergen awareness to score very highly.'

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