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Silver Gilt Winner 2018
Restaurant Chains category – sponsored by FarmFrites
Focus on Gluten – sponsored by Coeliac UK

Gold Winner - Restaurant chains 2017, Focus on gluten 2017

Nota Bene.

The FreeFrom Eating Out Awards do understand that while good control systems can be implemented and interesting freefrom menus offered throughout a chain, it is all but impossible, no matter how well they are trained, to guarantee that all staff (of which there may be many hundreds if not thousands) will always be as caring, careful and allergy aware as one might wish. We take this into account when judging entries.

Our judges visit a number of outlets across the country. Comments are drawn from all of them.

Judges comments - September 2018

'Pizza Express make life very easy for coeliacs with prominent gluten free labelling on their main and children’s' menus. We were happy to see mention of ability to cater for other dietary requirements on both menus too, although we needed to refer to the binder for other allergens which is always a little cumbersome. The only minor quibble I had was that the dairy free items were listed as 'suitable for a vegan or dairy reduced diet' in the allergy folder, which made me a little nervous about suitability for milk allergy. I was happy to see mention of special diets on the children's menu as this is often overlooked. There is now a good range of vegan options which opens up a lot of the menu for us.'

'Pizza Express offer good value for money and it is great being able to go to a popular restaurant chain with good options. I was confident of their knowledge of the allergens.'

'The olive and dough ball starter was tasty and simple. The gf pizza base is a little soggy but the crust and toppings were delicious. The vegan cheese makes it feel like you are having a real pizza whereas before the vegan cheese I felt I didn’t really get the full a pizza experience. However, the gf pizza was quite a bit smaller than the regular ones which made me feel a bit cheated.'

'To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with the gluten free pizza - it was half the size of my fellow diners' normal ones, and whilst the toppings were plentiful and of good quality it had made the base very claggy and slimy. Everything else, however was top notch - and to be able to have cake for afters was an unusual treat.'

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