Perrywood Garden Centre

Kelvedon Road, Inworth, Tiptree, Essex, CO5 9SX

Gold Winner 2017
FreeFrom Newbies– sponsored by FATC   

Judges comments - September 2018

'The staff were very welcoming. When ordering the staff took allergens very seriously and wrote them down separately, stopping to use a different colour highlighter for each allergen we mentioned.

There is so much choice on the menu for those who are gluten free and dairy free, including a full breakfast menu. The lunch menu is full of choice as well, lots of sandwiches and hot choices. They do afternoon tea and offer homemade fresh gluten free and dairy free scones. They even offer a gluten free and dairy free ice cream sundae - complete with dairy free ice cream flavours and a gluten free and dairy free chocolate brownie!

All the food that we ordered came on plates with a thick blue ring around them, whereas people ordering food that did not need to worry about allergens just had solid white plates. For an establishment like this I thought it was really well thought out and something I wish larger restaurants could do so mix ups don’t happen.

The food was delicious. We also ordered a gluten free and dairy free scone which came served warm and it literally melted in the mouth - one of the best I’ve had. I grabbed some gluten free coffee cake to go as well which had the perfect taste and texture. Very impressed with everything we ate.

Also very good value. It’s a hidden gem really nestled within a beautiful garden centre (which I would totally recommend as well!). I think for me the only improvements would be to keep moving in the same direction as they are now...'

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