The Oxford Place

2 Oxford Place, Leeds, LS1 3AX

Gold Winner 2018
FreeFrom Newbies – sponsored by FATC
Focus on gluten – sponsored by Coeliac UK
Independent Restaurants – sponsored by the Anaphylaxis Campaign    

Judges comments - September 2018

'Can't wait to go again.

The restaurant itself was very cool and great music. Felt very at home – the waiter was very conscientious. They do care! It is just amazing to not even have to ask about cross-contamination and for the waiting staff to understand your dietary requirements completely. It is quite pricey but worth it.

R. enjoyed his steak – it was the first time he had tried tempura batter and thought it was lovely. K. thought the food was excellent. She had an amazing starter - prawns, smoked fresh salmon and bloody Mary sorbet. It was delicious and unusual - followed by fish and chips. The fish had really crispy batter and massive white flakes. Often can’t have tartare sauce as it has milk/cream in it, so that was a lovely change. It was served with big chunky chips. The presentation was excellent. Sadly, we were so full that we couldn't even think about having a pudding.

There were lots of drinks on offer. This included gf beer and ale. I asked about the wine being milk-free and he said that it contained egg. Usually waiters/bar staff don't realise that there can be milk and egg in wine.

Fab evening.'

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