Silver-gilt Winner 2018
Restaurant Chains category – sponsored by FarmFrites

Nota Bene.

The FreeFrom Eating Out Awards do understand that while good control systems can be implemented and interesting freefrom menus offered throughout a chain, it is all but impossible, no matter how well they are trained, to guarantee that all staff (of which there may be many hundreds if not thousands) will always be as caring, careful and allergy aware as one might wish. We take this into account when judging entries.

Our judges visit a number of outlets across the country. Comments are drawn from all of them.

Judges comments - July/August 2018

'The bar staff who took the order were very welcoming and asked questions about our allergy requirements. I had every confidence that they knew what they were doing, even though it was a very busy service.

An impressive choice gluten free and vegan meals to select from although menus were difficult to cross reference if you require more than one allergen to be excluded; all of the top14 were listed on the website. Choices were more limited for multiple allergens or people with allergies not intolerances.

The food was excellent and I was really impressed with everything that was served. The GF bread was absolutely delicious and you really couldn't tell it was freefrom.

We felt really welcome, loved and wanted whilst we were there. Nothing was too much trouble. Even though it was a busy service, they took great care of us given our allergies. And excellent value for what we ordered.'

'Sadly I was served the wrong dish despite checking with the server, duty supervisor and waiter that it was df and gf. The duty supervisor was extremely apologetic and concerned to know if I had eaten any (which I hadn't). They took the wrong dish away and replaced it with a safe dish quickly but as result I would be cautious about recommending this restaurant to anyone with an anaphylactic allergy. A shame because on every other front they were very good.'

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