Vinegar Jones

Royal Square, Bowness on Windermere, Cumbria LA23 2DG

Gold Winner 2017
Fish and Chip category – sponsored by Middleton Foods 
Crème de la Crème – sponsored by Food Matters Live

Silver – Fish & Chips 2016

Judges comments - July/August 2017

'This was a busy bustling fish and chip shop and we were served with a smile. And I wasn't the only person ordering the gluten free option.'

'The fish and chips and mushy peas were all gluten free. Not an extensive menu but completely what you're going for. They understood that I was allergic to dairy and soya and read the full ingredients of the batter out to me and let me see the label too so I had peace of mind. They didn't make me feel awkward for asking.'

'There was one person doing the GF stuff in a separate fryer with separate tongs etc. My food was served first and then everyone else's came up after. They made sure I got the right meal.'

'It all tasted delicious. Really really crispy batter and lovely perfectly cooked fish. The chips were also really good. A very nice mixture of crispy ones and soft on the inside ones. They even had GF onion vinegar.'

'The staff all understood and the GF option is available every day – which is the best bit. Around where I live many have a GF day but this place was all week all the time GF, DF and SF. What more could a girl ask for? We go the lakes often as a family so we will definitely be returning here if we can.'

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