The Norfolk Gluten Free Company

21 Timberhill, Norwich, NR1 3JZ

Gold Winner 2017
Cafés and teashops category – sponsored by Eat Safe 

Judges comments - July/August 2017

'A delightful cafe in the heart of Norwich.'

'It is a gluten free cafe that has a policy that everything starts off gf and vegan then other items added so all allergies can be addressed without issue or fuss at all.. I just loved their policy to consider allergens first then add from there... rather than consider dishes first and remove items... I am just sorry my friends are considering leaving Norwich and that I live so far away ... otherwise I would be in there every day... I loved this place...'

'The service was friendly, efficient and helpful taking into account all our dietary requirements. They have a superb ordering system that not only lists everything ordered on a tablet, but it is visible on another tablet in front of the customer (also doubles as a credit card machine)...'

'As each dish was served we were told what was in it (or not ... )... They work very much as a team and from the impression I got, they carry out continuous training as and when and if anything changes. Because all the staff are either coeliac or have family who are, they understand 100% the implications when catering for allergies.. Every one of them knows 100% what they are doing and I would have felt totally safe being served by any of them...'

'The food was amazing and very good value.... Tasty, fresh, attractively arranged, ... My friend was amazed that her tea cake was GF.... her husband was in paradise with the GF food. Every cake was properly labelled with name, allergens etc and it was nice to see that the vegan cakes were on the top shelf above the other cakes.'

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