Knife and Fork

Deddington, Oxon

Gold Winner 2017
Independent Restaurant category – sponsored by The Anaphylaxis Campaign
B&Bs and guest houses – sponsored by Thomas Ridley Foodservice

Gold winner - Restaurants – and – Hotels & B&Bs 2016

Judges comments - July/August 2017

'So understanding and knowledgeable – nothing was too much trouble. So impressed. The house and setting was amazing – a big old rambling house with big rooms, big windows, amazing decoration, tasteful and comfortable.'

'The menu was clearly displayed with the allergens marked in large print on the wall for people to see and on A5 when we arrived. The breakfast menu is amazing and is cooked in front of you. You can choose potato and spinach cakes, smoked salmon, poached egg and asparagus, or sausages with creamed mushrooms on toast with eggs. Gluten free and allergen free available.'

'I felt very safe. (This judge has multiple anaphylactic allergies. Ed.) There were quite a few of us with allergies and a few coeliacs so I didn't feel like the odd one out. The idea of this of place is you join 14 other guests and sit together on two big tables. By the end of the evening we all got on like a house on fire. It was such a fun evening and really truly unexpected experience.'

'The food was stunning. The flavours put together for the evening meal were outstanding and all done specially with me in mind. I hope the other guests didn't mind. A few courses were slightly different for me but my options were so cleverly put together, beautiful looking and tasty that I didn't even notice.

There was a steak on a spoon to start which we had in the reception room with a prosecco which was so tender and just exploded with flavour in your mouth. Then pea velouté which was out of this world. Such a strong pea flavour with mint and other herbs and I would love to have more of this. Then Carrot salad in lots of different ways. Who knew you could get so many different ways to eat Carrots in a salad. There were black carrots, purple carrots, orange carrots. crispy carrots and carrot purée. Totally yummy and sweet and so unexpected.'

'Then the guinea fowl which was my favourite if I had to choose. So perfectly cooked, moist and tender and juicy and with perfectly cooked crunchy vegetables. Really delicious. Then THREE puddings, a mango sorbet which was sharp and tangy and so refreshing. Then the most amazing apricot marshmallow which was HUGE!'

'Not expensive at all for what you got. Can't wait to go again.'

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