42 Drury Lane, London WC2B 5AJ

Gold Winner 2017
Cafés and teashops category – sponsored by Eat Safe 

Judges comments - July/August 2017

'The staff are very welcoming. They start off by saying "all our food is free from gluten, dairy and added sugar. The only sugar we use is unrefined and just in our baked goods". A good start for gluten free and dairy free customers. I did ask about which dishes contained eggs and they were able to tell me a certain dish contained mayonnaise (egg whites).....

'There is a good choice of food; they don't really do starters. They also serve breakfast, takeaway salads and you can "build your own" by choosing two or three sides. For dessert, there is a range of dairy free and gluten free cakes displayed in the cabinet - a real treat - I walked out of a coffee shop the other day as they had no gluten free cakes....

'The food was delicious: the lamb was tender and flavoursome accompanied by new potatoes and peas; the harissa chicken - spicy and succulent with rice pasta (al dente and not 'hard' as can sometimes be the case with gluten free pasta) and broccoli. The cakes were equally impressive - the Coconut Brownie, for example, was a dairy free coconut cake made with gluten free flour and unrefined sugar...'

'Excellent value for money - will definitely be going back here. We liked the informal atmosphere; there were several people with laptops so quite a mix of people and age groups. We really enjoyed the ambience and of course the food and the luxury of being able to order any dish we fancied because the menu is completely gluten free and dairy free.'

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