The Eating House

The Derbyshire Craft Centre, Calver Bridge,Calver,Hope Valley, S323XA

Gold Winner 2017
Cafés and teashops category – sponsored by Eat Safe 

Judges comments - July/August 2017

'I felt totally welcomed and not in the least a nuisance. They took the time to find something to suit my dietary requirements, which are quite demanding – and I felt quite special...'

'The eating house is attached to a lovely quality craft centre so attracts a slightly "targeted market"... more mature customers, mostly female... The menu is appropriate to that market, offering quality locally sourced foods and dishes... I think it was very reasonably priced for the quantity and quality of food that we got – I think they offer excellent value for money...'

'My daughter joined me and they weren't bothered by her severe intolerance to onion. Because everything is prepared on site, they can happily work around most dishes, excluding allergens...'

'The manageress explained that she would be dealing with my order... I explained that I was "glutened" last week so could they reassure me that everything was kept separate. She explained that they have a separate section of the kitchen and everything is kept away from other allergens. She then brought our order to the table, explaining that she had prepared it herself ... my food was on a different base plate, and she held it up in the air above and well away from the rest of the order....'

'The waitress and the manageress came to check everything was ok. and the waitress asked if we would like any cakes ... I enquired as to what was suitable, and was taken into the servery and shown the gluten free cakes... what i initially thought was simply one end of the servery turned out to be separated by a glass divider... and that end (probably about 1/3 of the cabinet) had 6 or 7 gluten free cakes... two of them were vegan. (They also had two other vegan cakes that weren't GF). The manageress explained that they had separate utensils for serving GF cakes.. (I didn't have to ask).'

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