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Silver Winner 2017
Restaurant Chains category – sponsored by Riso Gallo

Nota Bene. Three different judges visited three Cosy Club outlets across the country. Two judges felt that their Cosy Club restaurant had gone out of their way to look after them and succeeded extremely well, but the third felt that the outlet they visited had been more inclined to tick boxes than be seriously involved.

The FreeFrom Eating Out Awards do understand that while good control systems can be implemented and interesting freefrom menus offered throughout a chain, it is all but impossible, no matter how well they are trained, to guarantee that all staff (of which there may be many hundreds if not thousands) will always be as caring, careful and allergy aware as one might wish. We take this into account when judging entries.

 The comments below are drawn from all three judges.

Judges comments - July/August 2017

'When we arrived staff already knew about GF and DF request (as specified at booking) and I was explained the GF menu and the vegan menu so I could choose DF options. It was reassuring and welcoming.'

'We really enjoyed the evening and were impressed by the quality of the allergy-friendly food on offer. They coped extremely well with our complex allergy needs and didn't get confused along the way - which is always impressive.

'The 'freefrom' waitress was happy to answer questions but sadly she wasn't our only waitress. The other staff were less knowledgeable.'

'I asked and was reassured that the GF chips were cooked in a separate fryer and we certainly didn't have any problems afterwards, suggesting that was indeed the case.'

'The food was for the mostpart delicious, though the GF/DF starters were a little heavy on the balsamic vinegar/mustard. The main courses were a big hit and everybody really enjoyed their meals. We tried the sharing dessert – they swapped our chocolate brownie for the GF one and that was fantastic. We were also impressed that we could order a soya hot chocolate for our daughter, which was possibly the biggest hit of all!'

'The sweet potato fries were lovely. The risotto was tempting as it was both gf and vegan but could have ingredients added. The sorbet was a generous portion and tasty but if you were a pudding person and surrounded by others eating normal puddings you would feel left out by only being able to have sorbet.'

'They did take good care and were super nice and friendly however I think they still need more training to be able to cope with multiple allergies.'

'Great price for the food that was served. The food was tasty and the atmosphere great fun.'

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