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Gold Winner 2017
Restaurant Chains category – sponsored by Riso Gallo

Nota Bene. Three different judges visited three Clink prisons across the country. The comments below are drawn from all three judges.

Judges comments - July/August 2017

'The welcome was great. We had a dedicated server and one of the first things he did was ask which of us required gluten free and vegetarian food, indicating that this booking message had been properly communicated. Many places fail to to this.'

'I called to book (no options or fields on the online booking system covering allergies or gluten). The call was handled well: asked if they could cater for coeliacs. They said 'gluten free diet? that's no problem'.

'Allergens are not indicated on the menu. Our server was able to swiftly indicate which dishes were gluten free but no substitutes were available for the bread (with soup) nor for the crackers for the cheese board. No non-dairy milks available either although I was told that if requested in advance The Clink may buy in a non-dairy milk. The menu choices are definitely limited and the lack of substitutes is disappointing.'

'The choice of gluten free desserts was limited, but the trio of ice creams, sorbet and berries I was offered were unusual and delicious (and I am picky about ice cream).'

'The menu was marked up for vegetarian but no information on allergen content. There was a standard statement regarding allergens to ask server – but the server was engaged, considerate, friendly and dealt well with all questions.'

'Overall my meat eating friend rated the three courses as amongst the best tasting food he had eaten in recent memory. One highlight was stuffing accompanying his roast, with a flavour just like sausage, that was just so good we asked for the recipe! My gluten-free and veggie broad bean risotto had an firm and creamy consistency, beautiful plating and great flavour. Overall, excellent food of calibre I would expect from an upscale restaurant.'

'Delicious! Unusual and beautifully presented. My dining companion was delighted by how good his choices were. I chose simpler dishes, but they was perfectly cooked. We had gone with low expectations, and were very agreeably surprised by the quality of the food, the presentation and the service.'

'The food was very tasty and there were great combinations - the portions were very generous and we thought it was very good value for the quality.'

'I would and probably will go again. The novelty contributes to an interesting and entertaining experience but the friendly service, quality plating, lovely food and comfortable, smart interior combine to make that experience a genuinely great one.'

'Overall I was really impressed with the facilities, the staff and the food. It is just a shame that they do not offer a menu that is more naturally allergy free rather than just adapting the existing menu – and that they do not highlight their allergen free dishes on the menu.'

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