Bangkok Canteen

72 Westgate St. Gloucester GL1 2NZ

Gold Winner 2017
Focus on Gluten – sponsored by Romer Labs

Judges comments - July/August 2017

'We loved that this menu was all GF (they have CUK accreditation) and that it was clearly marked where other dishes were dairy free or vegetarian/vegan. They were very friendly and helpful when it came to dealing with our various allergies. We asked for a couple of dishes to be adapted to suit our needs and they willingly did so. There were only 2 desserts on the menu, but I felt that was very much in-keeping of most Thai restaurants.'

'The food was excellent. The children had never had Thai food before, but ate every mouthful and would have happily eaten more. I have previously enjoyed "normal" Thai food and honestly couldn't taste any difference. Both children were very excited by the Thai prawn crackers too!'

'I was also really impressed that they had information about the provenance of their food clearly indicated both on the menu and on the blackboard in the restaurant. Lots of locally sourced produce, organic and msg-free where possible. I loved that we could see that they cooked in Cornish rapeseed oil. They had a great mix too of traditional Thai dishes (Thai fishcakes and green curry for example), but also used local produce to create Thai-influenced dishes. I enjoyed an amazing local pork Thai curry, which I couldn't fault.'

'This restaurant was superb. The food was delicious, the atmosphere friendly and it was so popular that people were being turned away because they hadn't booked. We will be visiting again in the future without a doubt. Family-run, friendly restaurant, effortlessly offering great-tasting GF food and showing great pride in it. They were also keen to find out more about us and to tell us about the restaurant.'

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