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Alford ArmsThe Alford Arms - Frithsden

'Our waitress was amazing. I was drilling her pretty hard about their procedures and practices and she was totally cool with everything. She really reassured me and I knew they were 'on it'. Huge choice for GF & DF and they are happy to make dishes for the most obscure allergies – although it is MUCH easier when people called ahead!
The food was sublime. Nothing too adventurous – just really innovative, comforting country pub food. I loved their commitment to sustainable ingredients from local farmers and producers. If only every pub was like this I'd be a lot happier and I'd eat fewer jacket potatoes after muddy walks!'

Alford ArmsThe Royal Oak - Marlow

'The chef had been through the whole menu and prepared a special allergen free menu for me with so much to choose from. There were some dishes that were on the normal menu but had been adapted to make them allergen free. In total I had the choice of 6 starters, 7 mains and three puds which for someone who is allergic to dairy, nuts, wheat and soya and intolerant to tomato and celery is pretty amazing. The choice of different options was almost overwhelming, the food itself was really great and I felt totally confident in the staff's ability to look after me.
It is a lovely cosy, friendly pub. The lighting was just right and the staff were really attentive and helpful. What a joy!'


Horse & JockeyThe Flowing Spring - Playhatch

'Interesting quirky pub with a local family feel. I was very impressed by their commitment to catering for so many different allergens. To be able to order an allergy free starter, main and pudding is really unusual in my experience and they provide vegan options too. An excellent, traditional Sunday lunch – a good find!'

Alford ArmsWetherspoon

'Wetherspoon should certainly be commended for making such an effort to cater for people with food allergies. Other pubs please take note! It was a breath of fresh air to find different menus catering for different allergies even though, if you had multiple or rather more obscure allergies than dairy or gluten, you might struggle.'
'The only pub chain I have come across that stocks a gluten-free beer – what a treat!'
'A very reasonable choice of gf and df dishes in the different menus. The food was very reasonable – quite tasty fairly standard pub food – and the staff were helpful if not super-knowledgeable – which I would not have expected.'
(NB Food Awards judges visited 6 different Wetherspoons pubs around the country.)


Tea 42On the Waterfront - Exeter

'Gluten free well covered at this pub, but offerings and knowledge on dairy free and other allergens seems a little sketchy. Some good processes and systems to avoid cross contamination. Menu very pizza focused but great that they are offering a vegan cheese topping.'

Tea 42The Cock - Hemingford Grey

'Very willing and some good systems and procedures in place but some more formalised training would be good as some allergen knowledge seems a little shaky. Great that they are offering a gluten free and a dairy free menu both with interesting and appealing dishes.'

Tea 42The Sandford Pub - Dorset

'Very focused on gluten free – almost anything on the menu could be made gluten free. The chef was very helpful but I'm not sure how good they would be on any allergens outside gluten. Very meaty but generous and good, but no gluten-free bread, crackers or beer.... Very keen but maybe in need of a little more professional training.'

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