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Big OzBrakes La Boulangerie 9" Gluten Free Sub Rolls

'Massively useful catering product - especially since it is both gluten and milk free. Excellent that is both fortified and high in fibre. Good colour, soft, fresh texture. Really great product.'



DauraBorough 22 Raspberry Pistachio Glazed Doughnuts

'Lovely attractive product, great texture and impressively freefrom.'



DauraBrakes Gluten-free Sticky Toffee Pudding

'Delicious. Quick and easy to serve, light, looks tremendous, great toffee flavour. Shame that it is not also milk free.'


Rule of CrumbPidy 5cm Neutral and 8.5cm Sweet Tartelette Cases

'Good crisp texture; very useful size. Excellent freefrom products for food service – really useful – nothing else like them.'

DauraPieminister Gluten Free Moo Pie

'Excellent pastry and lovely meaty pie – possibly a little too 'beery' but very good meaty gravy.'




DauraBrakes Gluten-free Carrot Cake

'Very good classic carrot cake with a nice light frosting. Excellent that it freezes well. Now all it needs is to be milk free as well as gluten free.'



DauraNairn's GF Breakfast Biscuit Breaks (Apricot)

'Great chewy-crispy biscuit texture. Not too sweet so excellent as a breakfast biscuit and so great that it is gluten, milk, egg, soya and nut free; perfect for the multi-allergic.'



DauraPieminister Gluten Free Heidi Pie

'Great looking product, nice pastry and good ingredients but definitely too sweet.'



DauraTaywell Chocolate Dairy Free Frozen Dessert

'Clean, sweet flavour but quite coconutty. Rich texture, easy to scoop. Very good milk free ice – wide application.'



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