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Bizzie LizzieBizzie Lizzie's - Skipton

‘A very comprehensive freefrom menu and CUK accredited! The fish and chips were eaten by non gluten free family members and they all preferred it to the normal fish and chips – much lighter. Puddings were gluten and dairy free apple pie, with dairy free custard and dairy free and gluten free chocolate fudge cake, which was excellent. Very good value – can't wait to go again!'

Teh PlainsDavid's Fish and Chips - Brixham

'David's provides an excellent, tasty and authentic fish and chips with a great choice for allergics and coeliacs. All members of staff were confident and knowledgeable. My scampi and chips were delicious, the portion size equally as generous as non freefrom options. It was lovely to be included in a true fish and chip shop experience without any worries about safety.'

CodfatherThe Fish Factory - Worthing

'Excellent reception; they have a huge dedicated menu to hand and we felt really welcome. The food was excellent. Beer batter very, very light and crunchy; the chips had skin on and looked home-made. The home-made bread roll was rather cakey but the baked cheese cake was fantastic and you would never know it was GF. Amazing value for money, especially when their fish is sustainable and their menu is so broad.'

Teh PlainsQuayside - Whitby

'The batter was crisp and the fish moist and delicious, the chips great – you couldn't tell it was gluten free. The whole place had a nice atmosphere, the staff were smart, clean, efficient, friendly, keen to help, and obviously knew about allergies. Excellent value, well packaged and well labelled.'

WolfiesVinegar Jones, Bowness on Windermere

'Fab fish and chips! Batter was light and crispy, with no soggy-next-to-fish going on. Fish was very fresh, and perfectly cooked. Chips were great too - proper chips, and not greasy. We had a portion of mushy peas too. Possibly the best gluten free fish and chips we've had - and Coeliac Daughter loves gf fish and chips, so we've had a lot!'

One or two days per week

Stonecroft Kingfisher Fish & Chips - Plymouth

'I felt very welcome as a gluten-free customer – the owners really want to make the effort to give the gluten-free customer a great experience. The chips are everything you'd expect from a chippy; there is a good amount of choice on the gluten free menu and it's really good to have non-fish options and the extras like curry sauce and gluten free vinegar. They also offer 12 varieties of MSC certified fish on the menu. Something that greatly impressed my marine biologist wife!'

OlleysOlley's - South London 

'Staff were friendly and welcoming and demonstrated familiarity with Celiac and Lactose and Egg allergy and intolerance. Grilled veggies were lightly oiled and unburnt. Mushy peas were neither too sweet nor salt. Fish was excellent and complimented well by lemon and tartare sauce. A very satisfying fish & chips dinner. And, given the comfort of the seating, service, quality and quantity of food, very good value for money.'


Brockley's RockChurchill's Fish & Chips

'Fish and chips were excellent and good value for money. But although they had a separate wrapping area for the gluten-free food and put stickers on it and they have a clear GF menu.'

OlleysRockfish - Dartmouth 

'The choice of gluten free options on this menu is extensive and quite special. There are dishes that you would struggle to find elsewhere at this high level of quality and taste. Sadly other allergens were less well known and catered for. There was no sign of the gf vinegar that I have requested on a previous visit.'

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