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Café Nouveau - Frome

'We were really impressed with the service and food at this cafe. It had a really cosy atmosphere and the menu choice was amazing. Everything was GF & DF and there were also vegan, vegetarian, reduced/low sugar, raw and soya free options and a great awareness of other allergens. Not to mention a huge array of cakes! For the first time in her life my gluten and dairy-free daughter could order anything she wanted from the menu confident that it would be safe – and delicious!'

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Labyrinth Holistic Café - Stockton on Tees

'The café is run for the community and is a non profit making enterprise. Because of libraries closing everywhere they felt there was nowhere for locals to meet, chat and relax, with books and affordable food, so the café developed.
Because they wanted Labyrinth to welcome everyone, from all walks of life, that meant all diets too, and they cater for GF, all allergens, veggies, vegans and also halal. All the staff are knowledgeable, totally allergen-aware, well trained, friendly and passionate about giving others the best experience they can...

I have never seen such an extensive menu and the food is delicious. The plate was attractively arranged, and the food was colourful, of varied textures and flavours and fillings, all freshly prepared.'

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Yorica - Soho, London

'A place to love! Desserts, ice creams and shakes to return to again and again with none of the 14 major allergens except soya! Friendly people, totally allergen-aware, ludicrously indulgent, incredibly imaginative menu. Unique and special.'


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Café Lauderdale
Dunbar, East Lothian

'Small cosy café, very allergen aware (her daughter has multiple allergies, her husband is gluten intolerant) with a range of amazing allergy friendly cakes and snacks – most of them dairy, gluten egg and nut free.'

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Little Amsterdam - Banbury

'Friendly Dutch-themed café with an excellent inclusive gf and df menu and tasty, generously portioned food. Plus 12 flavours of gluten and nut free ice cream!!'

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British Motor Museum - Banbury

'We were impressed with the level of service, and the attention to detail, especially during a busy lunch service. The emphasis is definitely geared towards gluten free but they did have a separate menu with the free from selections available. When informed of our more complex needs the head chef took over the creation of the allergen safe meal and brought it over to us himself. It was more work for him, but he was more than happy to accommodate. A very positive experience.'

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Roost - Bagshot, Surrey

'Very welcoming and reassuring with a good range of dairy and gluten free foods and very allergy aware. The food was imaginative (pulled pork wrap with lime coleslaw...), delicious and good value!'


The Rainbow Vegetarian Café - Cambridge

'A rustic cafe type atmosphere, with really good value and tasty food. Great allergy awareness: the main menu was clearly marked to show which dishes were vegan, gluten free or nightshade free, or if they contained nuts. Nothing too much trouble; can't wait to go back.'



The Acorn Café - Norwich

'Friendly café in a yoga centre. Good personal and allergen aware service and great to have gluten free sandwiches on offer.'


Good2Go - Perranport, Cornwall

'Tiny food van offering gluten, dairy and egg free food. Lovely to be able to see everything being made in the van. What a treasure trove to find on a beach!'


The Olive Tree Bistro Café - Holmfirth

'Excellent offering for gluten free visitors and a good awareness of other allergens. The fish and chips are a winner!'

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